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Le Petit Robert de la langue française

Le Petit Robert de la langue française


Le Robert

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The essential French reference dictionary available in a new 2018 edition for PC download.

About the software

The essential French reference dictionary available in a new 2018 edition for PC download.

Discover a unique and comprehensive dictionary that reflects the latest developments in all areas of the language and get the most out of its searching and browsing with its many features.

Le Petit Robert: a reference tool for everyone.

Edited under the supervision of Alain Rey.

Key features

  • The only dictionary you need to find the right word
  • All the new words and senses for this new edition
  • Reliable, constantly updated content
  • Intuitive browsing and a powerful search engine (look up words by etymology, quotations, date, etc.)
  • Compatible with all desktop applications (Word, Outlook, Google docs, etc.)

1/ The essential dictionary for all

The full content of the latest 2018 edition of the Petit Robert:

  • 300,000 words and senses
  • 150,000 synonyms and antonyms
  • 75,000 etymologies
  • 35,000 literary quotations
  • All the new words for this edition: autotest, biosourcer, (coûter une) blinde, ciabatta, emportiérage, googliser, influenceur/euse, pétromonarchie, post-vérité, stiletto, véloroute etc.
  • New senses: cabas (shopping trolley), chaîne YouTube, effet cocktail, avoir des étoiles plein les yeux, vin à la ficelle, table d'hôte, avoir les pieds carrés, réseau d'influence, socle commun des connaissances, vigilance météo…
  • De nouvelles citations intègrent Le Petit Robert, signées Olivier Adam, Philippe Djian, Jean Echenoz, Éric Fottorino, Camille Laurens, Violette Leduc, Gaston Miron, Jocelyne Saucier

Exclusive extra features:

  • conjugation tables for all verbs
  • 620 boxes on word families
  • audio pronunciation for 16,000 difficult words and 300 quotations
  • an index of the Petit Robert’s 15,000 compound words and 14,000 expressions
  • an integrated biographical dictionary of authors

2/ High-performance functionality

Finding a word or expression is easy

  • No need to know the spelling of a word to look it up: the autocomplete function will suggest the most relevant words, even if you have spelled it wrongly or it sounds like another word
  • The enhanced search function (using the Search button) allows you to find a word or expression anywhere in the dictionary (headwords, inflected forms, expressions, proverbs, etc.)
  • A powerful multicriteria search engine is ideal for word games, rhymes, quotations and much more
  • An integrated search bar is always available and allows you to find a word or sequence of letters directly within an entry at any time (the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+F" is always active)

Full hypertext for optimized browsing

  • Full hypertext navigation allows you to explore the dictionary’s vast network of words (every word has a clickable link)

An easy-to-read, intuitive interface

  • Enhanced readability thanks to an optimized interface and screen layout

Essential functionality and office tools

  • Alert our editorial team and suggest new words, senses, quotations, authors, etc.
  • Create a wordlist that you can look up or change at any time with just one click
  • Manage your user settings: text size, a customizable personal dictionary
  • Search history

Detailed, illustrated online help includes information on all the Petit Robert’s prefaces and supplements.

Tips on how to use the Petit Robert

Look at our video tutorials to get the most out of your Petit Robert :

System Requirements

Windows - Minimum
  • Compatible WindowsTM 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Internet Explorer version 11
  • 500 MB free disk space
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Internet connection and administrator rights for software download
  • NB: this product is not compatible with Windows emulators such as Virtual Machine

This software requires an activation key

  • Number of authorized activations: 3
  • Unlimited usage

Professional version: A professional version of Le Petit Robert is also available for companies and organizations:

Windows - Recommended
  • OS: xxxxxx
  • Processor: xxxxxx
  • RAM: xxxxxx
  • HDD: xxxxxx
  • Graphics card: xxxxxx
  • Sound card: xxxxxx


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