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SoSure is the first backup provider on the internet to base its services 100 % on IBM products. This applies to software, hardware, hosting and services. We have carefully selected the best and most secure IBM technology to create a program that can be adjusted to fit your needs. And we have focused all of our energy into making a program with a user-friendly interface that everybody can use. Take a Tour of SoSure to see how easy it is.

SoSure protects your family photos and video clips. When you install SoSure Backup, you get a fireproof IBM vault that protects your digital valuables on IBM's machines at IBM's secure hosting center, now and in the future . You can download SoSure's security system quickly and easily directly from this page. Together with IBM, SoSure has developed advanced, reliable, easy-to-use software. The program is free to test, and our subscription plan ensures that you only pay for the service you need.

  • Continuous backup instead of scheduled
  • IBM technology back to front
  • Encryption ensures your privacy
  • Simple to use
Unique user interface
SoSure's backup program is based on IBM's most advanced technology and we have focused all of our energy into making a user-friendly program that is easy to install and easy to use. Click here to see the user interface.

Secured by IBM
IBM develops backup solutions for the world's leading companies in areas such as finance and insurance. Such companies are extremely demanding when it comes to security, scalability and user-friendliness. Even as a smaller company or individual, with SoSure Backup you gain access to the same technology and level of security that is normally reserved for large companies.

Always latest technology
The typical backup solutions on the market today are based on smaller, lesser known software, hardware and hosting partners, and users can't always be sure of their future on the market. SoSure is based 100% on software, hardware, hosting and services from IBM, which is the world's leading IT company. You can count on IBM being a market leader next year—and 10 years from now. And you can be sure that IBM updates and develops its solutions continuously, so you always have access to the world's best and most modern technology.


SoSure has very light system requirements
  • Windows XP or Vista (32bit only)
  • At least 50mb free disk space
  • Periodic or permanent internet access


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