Wonderland Mahjong

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Darkness has descended on the magical kingdom of Wonderland! Rescue the queen from the clutches of the evil sorcerer, Rasmos, and help good king Argon hold onto his crown! 60 wondrous mahjong levels will transport you clear across a lovingly depicted fantasy land.

It's a big place, and a big job, but don't worry, you're not alone. Four of Argon's most trusted, heroic friends will accompany you, each with a special, helpful power. And don't worry about getting stuck-this time around, variety-packed mini games open up new options and new ways to play. Recapture your sense of wonder and reclaim Argon's queen and kingdom. Wonderland needs a hero-is it you? Then get ready to clear some tiles!

Wonderland Mahjong

  • 60 amazing levels
  • Travel through Wonderland and rescue the queen
  • Challenging mahjong game for all ages

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