Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic



Cards / Board


Are you ready to solve the most magical case ever?! Join Inspector Magic and find out what hides behind a case of a fantastical creature. Investigate 12 different locations that are linked to the crime! Complete quests and find clues and leads to solve the mystery!

You'll encounter many difficult card deals on your journey! But you can handle them! Like solitaire or solving detective mysteries, studying clues and catching dangerous criminals, or maybe you've always dreamed of being in a maigcal land?

Then this game is sure to be a treat!

Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic

  • Detective Solitaire. Inspector Magic - help a detective save a fantasy beast
  • Complete all the levels and unlock an exciting world of magic!
  • Get to grips with a bunch of bonuses and features to help you complete levels!
  • Challenge the wicked wizard - complete all the levels in multiple difficulty modes!
  • A multitude of colorful trophies can help you in your investigation!

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