Square Enix is expanding the Final Fantasy VII universe into a trilogy 

Amidst the gaming community, a palpable buzz permeated the air, anticipation crackling like electricity, all centered around the imminent launch of "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth." 

The gaming world found itself swept in a tidal wave of nostalgia, as "Final Fantasy VII" returned in a revitalized form, ensnaring both old and new audiences alike. This contemporary adaptation of the beloved role-playing classic breathed new life into cherished memories, reigniting the fervor of fans across the globe. 

Square Enix, the Japanese powerhouse behind the franchise, chose an audacious path for "Final Fantasy VII." Rather than a simple remaster, they embarked on an ambitious journey to reimagine their 1997 masterpiece as a trilogy. It was a bold move, considering the monumental success the original achieved on the PlayStation console. 

In an interview, Polish photographer Bartosz Glowacki echoed the sentiments of countless fans worldwide. He expressed profound anticipation for the latest installment, revealing that he had dedicated an "insane amount of time" to playing the original. His words served as a poignant reminder of the deep emotional connection many had forged with the Final Fantasy VII saga over the years. 

Photo Credits : Photographie RICHARD A. BROOKS / AFP©

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