Did you know that "Monster Strike" was the highest-grossing mobile game in Japan in 2022?

The Japanese video game market presents a unique landscape, with mobile gaming reigning supreme and a somewhat reserved attitude toward foreign productions.

During the Tokyo Game Show, which is known as one of the world's largest video game expos, we were able to gain key insights about the Japanese video game market, often referred to as the "tenth art."

As reported by the market analysis firm Statista, in 2022, Japan stood as the third-largest video game market globally, following the United States and China. Indeed, mobile gaming plays a substantial role in the Japanese video game market, contributing to over 60% of the industry's revenue, as estimated by Kadokawa Ascii. Impressively, around one-third of the Japanese population is engaged in this activity.

Heavily monetized through gacha mechanics, the highest-grossing mobile game in Japan in 2022 was "Monster Strike". It brought in nearly $600 million in revenue for its publisher, Mixi, last year. On the contrary, foreign games struggle to establish themselves in the Japanese market and according to Hideki Yasuda, this trend is primarily a matter of console choice.

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