Did you know that Microsoft invested billions in “Starfield”?

With anticipation having reached a fever pitch, "Starfield," a video game that had kept fans on edge for years, was finally ready to launch on a global scale last Wednesday.

The excitement and production values were nothing short of what one would expect from a Hollywood blockbuster. Indeed, the stakes were incredibly high for Microsoft, as they had invested billions in the success of this game.

“Starfield” thus represented the tech giant's strategic move to entice players into its Xbox subscription service. Microsoft had made massive investments in the gaming sector, which boasted a global worth of $200 billion. These investments were not only eye-popping but also pivotal for the company's long-term gaming strategy.

The buzz surrounding "Starfield" had been nothing short of electrifying, primarily fueled by its impressive Metacritic rating of 87 out of 100. This rating had been derived from early play-throughs by critics and an abundance of exceptionally positive YouTube videos created by gamers.

The studio had expressed its anticipation that "Starfield," a game that offered a staggering 1,000 planets to explore, would enjoy a lifespan spanning decades. This optimism had been bolstered by the rapid progress in artificial intelligence, enabling in-game characters to respond in a remarkably lifelike manner to players' actions and dialogue. These advancements held the promise of immersive gaming experiences that transcended time.

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