Young Saudis present a promising opportunity for the video game market

In a museum dedicated to the history of video games, young Saudis meander through a captivating journey. This visionary project aims to ignite their creativity and ambition, inspiring them to embark on their own quests to develop blockbuster video game titles.

Saudi Arabia's fervent enthusiasm for gaming and eSports is well-documented and appears to emanate from the highest echelons of leadership. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in particular, is reputed to be an avid player of Call of Duty, a testament to the country's deep-rooted passion for the gaming culture.

In the previous year, he unveiled an ambitious investment strategy, allocating a substantial $38 billion to the Savvy Games Group, a gaming enterprise owned by the well-endowed Public Investment Fund of the oil-rich Gulf kingdom. This significant financial commitment underscored Saudi Arabia's dedication to bolstering its presence and influence within the global gaming industry.

As a reminder, despite its oil wealth, Saudi Arabia has not always been welcomed with open arms on the global gaming scene. However, its youthful population presents a promising opportunity for the video game market, as nearly two-thirds of the non-immigrant population is under the age of 30. Faisal bin Homran has acknowledged that a formidable challenge awaits the 25,000 developers in Saudi Arabia, both native and foreign, as they work tirelessly to advance the gaming industry. 

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