Generation Alpha is known for its deep interest in video games

A recent study has found that Generation Alpha, the cohort born from 2010 onwards, are the most enthusiastic gamers. They have shown a strong affinity for video games, further highlighting the evolving landscape of gaming demographics.

According to the Newzoo Global Gamer Study 2023, video games play a significant role in the lives of Generation Alpha, those born after 2010.

Indeed, Generation Alpha allocates a significant portion of their entertainment time to gaming, with 22% of their time spent playing games. This surpasses other forms of entertainment like streaming, social networking, television, and even traditional media such as reading and listening to music or podcasts. This data underscores the central role that video games hold in the lives of this generation.

Generation Alpha's engagement with video games goes beyond just playing them. They are actively involved in various aspects of the gaming world, such as joining gaming communities, following streamers, and creating their own gaming content. This multifaceted engagement reflects the evolving nature of the gaming landscape and how younger generations are fully immersed in it.

It is a trend that's been seen across multiple generations, with younger age groups often having a higher number of gaming enthusiasts.

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